Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bobby, Marcus and Sam "Crooked Sky"

This performance was the highlight of my entire weekend! Seeing these three singing together was such a treat and it made staying up until 4AM so very worth it.

This was the final performance of the evening and afterward the guys did a short meet and greet, took some pictures and signed autographs. Unfortunately Dani, Val and I ended up toward the end of the line so we were unable to get our pictures with the guys BUT I got what I feel was even better. A great story and some fantastic autographs that sure to be one of a kind. So let me break it down for you.

I have to back up for a second and give you a little background about Phil so this will make sense. Phil as most of you know is Bobby Long's manager. He was quite taken aback about the fact that there is no serving alcohol after 2AM in Texas (or the entire US for that matter). The bar made him stop the show and have everyone clear the tables off at 2AM of all bottles and cups. He told us that although no one would arrest us if we did not do it, to remember that we were in Texas after all and the someone would take out a gun and just shoot us instead. It was the running joke of the night. Soooo

Dani and I are in line for an autograph and get right up to Sam. She hands him her item to be signed and he gets a bit overzealous and ends up writing on the rail in permanent marker and the rest goes like this:

CD : Ohhhh, that's defacing public property and that's a crime in Texas too!
SAM : It is?CD : Yes
SAM : Will they arrest me?
DANI : No, here they just shoot ya!

Sam actually laughed! Yes we are funny gals!

Now I scoot over and hand him my shirt to sign. Now mind you we had JUST come from the 100 Monkeys concert before this and I had nothing with me but my drivers license, keys and my 100 Monkeys shirt. It NEVER occurred to me to take something for the Brits to sign. So after we give Sam a hard time for defacing public property I am immediately apologizing for my band T-shirt faux pas and let me tell you all three of them gave me a very hard time.

Sam laughed at me after my explanation (I used over indulging in alcohol the night before and spent way too much so I left everything in the hotel room as my excuse.) I was forgiven. He signed my T-shirt at the bottom "100 Bradley's",

Marcus was listening in and shaking his head at me when I moved on to him, I promptly told him how much I loved hearing him sing (which I do. his raspy edgy voice just kills me!) and I was a HUGE fan! He said thank you and signed my shirt "100 Lightbulbs"

Bobby, well Bobby almost yelled at me! LOL He looked at me and said is that a 100 Monkeys t-shirt (in that WONDERFUL sexy accent of his!)? I said "Ummm, yes?? I'm sorry!! please don't shoot me!" He says, "Let me see that!" He the reaches over across Marcus takes the marker (leaving the shirt in front of Marcus mind you) and signed it, "100 Muppet's".

I shook their hands, thanked them and left with a grin on my face and the perfect ending to my most wonderful weekend! Check out my souvenir, it has my Monkeys and my Brits, with their "pseudo" and real names on it! LOL


  1. That's awesome Chris!!
    I love the fact Bobby was more comfortable than the last time I saw him.

  2. oh, they are the nicest guys ever. i can't wait to see bobby tomorrow night, and saaaaaam please come back to us soon!