Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eclipse Premiere

FINALLY! One of the days we have been waiting for! Can I just say, Kristen looked absolutely gorgeous?! She did amazing in all her interviews and she seemed more at ease than ever. I enjoyed her interaction with the fans, in spite of the "fan incident." If you didn't hear, someone (whether by accident or not) marked Kristen on her face with a sharpie. This happened shortly after she had arrived and had started signing autographs, etc with the fans. She was asked about it and was very nice about the whole thing, but I'm totally girl crushing on her. Rob managed to pull off a maroon suit and Taylor looked handsome in his suit as well. I think the whole cast look pretty good overall. People had mixed feelings about Nikki's dress, but I thought it was cute. Ashley looked great also, but she definitely looked better at last year's premiere. Kellan looked hot and even showed the fans his CK underwear. :) The only complain I truly have is that Jackson wasn't really interviewed. He was brushed off it seemed. Just about everyone from the cast got interviewed, but I never once saw Jackson!! :( Terrible. Anyway, the night ended on a high note for some of our sisters who scored screening tickets, got to hug Rob and even shake his hand. AMAZING!! I'm so happy for all of those who went and had a great time and seeing the cast made it all worthwhile! :) Good job ladies!! xoxox.

Now for all the pics from the premiere. ENJOY! :)

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