Thursday, June 24, 2010

a day at tent city!

Ok, so I decided to pay a visit to my fellow sisters yesterday while many are camping out for tonight's Eclipse premiere at the Nokia Theater in downtown LA. I must say, it was so much fun! I got to meet Jackson, saw Julia Jones - who I must say is incredibly gorgeous and super nice in person, Billy Burke, and Peter. I only managed to take a pic w/ Jackson, but I was ecstatic! First cast member I've gotten so close to! wahoo!! Now, I must say that Billy Burke is insanely hot in person. I would totally date this man, except he's married and has a beautiful daughter. I respect that. I can still admire from afar though. ;)

The sisterhood was interviewed and always managed to get attention because of the awesome people that they are, but also because they were amazingly creative and came up with the following....:Drumroll:


Isn't it great?! It's so nice to look at in person.

Anyway, hanging out with everyone was a blast and I'm glad I got a chance to meet Emma who traveled all the way from England to come to the premiere. If you follow her, it's @zoomage. She's a lot of fun and got a chance to be interviewed for her awesome English accent.

Here are some pics for your visual pleasure.

Bailee Madison

Being interviewed

Wannabe Rob

Jackson handing out food to us :)

Billy posing with other fans :)

Two last shots that KTLA obtained:

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