Friday, June 25, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse TS on the red carpet

Yes Twilight Sisterhood ventured out to the Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere. We've braved tent city, Lakers parade, & L.A. Live. Here's some pics of the Eclipse Premiere, taken by moi. Enjoy and have fun!!
My Kellan shirt....thanks to @MeggsT for braving the looks to get this shirt made for me. I think I need more Kellan shirts....I'm just sayin'!

This is Emma aka England aka @zoomage, she's really from England! We were happy she flew out from England to spend time with TS in tentcity. And she's a Kellan fan, how could you not love her?

Alex looking HOT!

Broxton much cuter than last year.

Dear David Slade,
Thank you for not fucking up Eclipse.
xoxo, Tammy he legal yet? For now I will say....
"Hello, Handsome!"

It's safe to say Nikki Reed gets prettier and prettier every year. I loved her tattoos!

Ok ladies prepare yourselves, its fuckhot Kellan! That's right, he may have forgotten to come back to the fans after flashing his underwear but with that dark hair.....lets just say for the first time, I was truly and utterly jealous of Anna McCord! Lucky skag! *Drool*

That smile is just yummy....he's makes me whimper....

It's Ruby Jeris who played Ruby from Remember Me.
She was so sweet and surprised people wanted her autograph.

Ms. Dakota Fanning

Anna Kendrick

No need to adjust your screen that us Ron Artest, from the Los Angeles between promoting his new single, he stopped by the Eclipse premiere.

Ok....please cross your legs....its ROBERT PATTINSON TIME!!!
Look at the smile.....

So many fans and only 1, Rob! But I love the fact he would try to sign and take pictures with everyone.
Taylor Lautner....didn't get many photos of camera was starting to die.

Jackson Rathbone!
So weird to have pictures of him NOT performing with 100 Monkeys.

Kristen Stewart


  1. Love the Team Kellan shirt!!!

    I'm very jealous but that is really awesome and must have felt like a dream! I'm so happy for you gals, that must have been a great four days and clearly well worth it.

  2. Gah! Some of the best times we've had!!! Camp out for Breaking Dawn here we come!!!

  3. Wow, that is a damn sexy shirt!! Who made that for ya?? ;)

    I am so jealous of all the good times you girls had. Makes me seriously consider camping out with ya'll for Breaking Dawn....