Monday, June 7, 2010

Awww..can I break this kiss down?

The Kiss. Finally.

I know this isn't news worthy, but I have to share how giggly I was last night when I saw Kristen and Rob interact with each other. They're more at ease in public together (not completely - especially Kristen), but they're so darn cute together! I mean, they ooze happiness when they're together or was it just me? Anyway, here are some pics I found totally adorable to look at of them.

We went from this....

to this...

See the difference?

And prior to the "fake kissing" that clearly showed Kristen nervous, for she had a misstep on her way with Rob to the stage to accept such award, she did this in her embarrassment

I can't even make a caption as to what she could've told him, but how cute was the half hug she had with him wanting to hide? adorable!

Then they accepted the award which then lead to their prepared kissing skit

which finally lead to this

Which lead to this reaction (which I totally love!)

There you go. I was like a giddy 13 year old girl hitting puberty when I saw them together. I'm one of those rooting for "Robsten" as many fans call them. And yes, I don't personally know them, but even as a stranger - I can see how there is an attraction between them and how nice they look together. :)

See? Even from the back they're adorable.

You can see it all on video in a post by Tammy :)


  1. That was really cute. I was laughing the whole time I was watching it. I like how it looks like Rob is going to makeout with the popcorn in that one pic lol

  2. OMG! I LOVE THIS NANCY!!!!! Gah! I loved this part of the awards show!