Thursday, August 6, 2009

A night with Bobby Long

Even though I saw Bobby Long during last spring and thought he was very talented....ok I'll be honest....I thought he was EXTREMELY HOT & talened I was shocked to realize how much I just missed his music. Yes I have the CD but there is NOTHING like watching the man in person on stage with just his guitar. He has this intensity while he plays and I wonder if gets lost in his own world then suddenly remembers he needs to sing. Someone at my table stated its hard to believe he's in his early 20's. I just replied its because he's an Old Soul, he's not like most people his age. And that is the best way to describe Bobby and his music.

I remember reading a review of Bobby's cd Dirty Pond Songs and the reviewer said it wasn't your typical lyrics but more like musical poetry....Never thought of it that way but kind of true. And with that review fresh in my mind I watched Bobby in whole new light and to say I was memorized is an understatement. I sat there thinking each song provokes some emotion from me whether remembering a lost love when I hear 'Who Have You Been Loving' to "Dead and Gone" to remind me life is too short and be happy and appreciate those in my life. Everyone hears something different, I just appreciate his words.

And sometimes it shocks me that not everyone knows who Bobby Long is. I know I'm thinking too far ahead. I met several ladies who were seeing him for the first time and were estatic to finally see him and could barely contain themselves. I did meet someone who say him play in London was happy he was here while she was vacationing in Los Angeles. Another lady from that group traveled from from San Francisco area to see him and planned to see him play later in the week. I wish I could see him play in SF or ATL.
Me and Bobby after he signed my shirt.

No I'm not angry nor do I walk around with my mouth wide open. I was actually joking around with he was writing on my back I said 'I feels like I'm getting a tattoo', I turned to look at him and asked if he had any tattoos and he would neither confirm nor deny such a thing.

"Tammy I like your shirt, Bobby Long" ::sigh:: okay when I saw Bobby I told him I bought this particular shirt just for his concert, it was an aged white tee with the british flag from Forever21. I asked him to sign it since I will never wear it again. He gave me a peculiar look and nervously aksed where do you want me to sign it? I told him where ever he felt comfortable. (I really didnt want him to be uncomfortable and would have NEVER asked him to sign in the boob area, so NOT me) He was a good sport about the signing my shirt.
Vanessa and Bobby Long

Vanessa buys one of Bobby's new shirt and asks him to sign it (can I say the new merchandise is HELLA CUTE!! They have a tote bag I need to get for $10) and of course he was cool and started signing when A.D.D. Cyn strolls over and says to Bobby "She likes to be called Sexy Bitch", he grinned and said 'Yeah?" and proceeds to write Sexy Bitch on her shirt. Gotta luv the guy!

The Final's so CUTE!! I loved it when I saw it! So don't go copying! Vaness is the ORIGINAL SEXY BITCH!!

All in all the night was good. I got to spend time with my sisters from Twilight Sisterhood and the ladies from Land of Dreamers, even TS Blogger WearingWords made an appearance but had to dash to the 100Monkey show arcoss town. I'm going to catch Bobby's final show here in Los Angeles, then head down to the 100Monkey show @ the Viper Room. If you're at either show please stop me and say hello!


  1. Sounds like it was an awesome show like always! I love Bobby and how he seems to have opened up more. I got a "Heather, thanks for the fortune" on my poster. LOL! Musical poetry is right...I'm a sucker for his lyrics. And listening to his CD does not even come close to seeing him perform live. Thanks for the great review Tammy! I'll see you at both venues tonight!

  2. He is so wonderful! Wow, what a great guy! Love the Vanessa sexy bitch shirt. Nice!

  3. Very Nice write up of Bobby and his music.
    Glad you got to hang w/ some LOD ladies as well and on behalf of them, thanks for the mention!
    Cyn (LOD Street Team Manager)

  4. thanks for a great write up on Bobby! lol i loved all the pics and tshirts! ...he's so funny and humble! I'm LOD here too so thanks for the mention and gotta love our calistreet team! they are a great group of ladies!