Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ashley Greene Poses for the October issue of Saturday Night

Ashley Greene is gorgeous in a deep green dress as she poses for the October 2009 issue ofSaturday Night Magazine.

The 22-year-old beauty dished to the mag on friendships, Saturday night fun and her growing fan base. Check it:

On her typical Saturday night: “Me and my friends are really big on doing game nights. We just grab a couple of games and sometimes we order in or sometimes we just get a bunch of cheese and crackers and stuff like that or cook dinner, and just hang out and play games.”

On how she won the role of Alice Cullen: “I originally auditioned for Bella, and so I read the first book and kind of fell in love with it. I went in and auditioned and actually they called me back in and said, ‘No, you’re not right for Bella,’ so I was bummed, and then they brought me back for Alice. I worked more on it – that was all I did for a couple of days before I went in. I came in probably like five times before I actually got the role – and then I went home for Christmas and literally just had to wait and wait. I thought that I didn’t get it again, and then I got the call that I was Alice and I freaked out and called my dad and mom.”

On gaining more fans and how she’s approached: “I totally would rather them come up [to me] because I think it’s really sweet. They say hello and I go back to what I’m doing and it’s better than having them just stare the whole time because then you feel like you’re being watched and then you’re not really comfortable. But, it’s getting to be more and more people, so I don’t know. If everyone wants to come up and say hello… I guess I’m going to leave it up to them. It’s working fine now. I’m not going mess up the process.”

On her close friendships with her costars: “Kellan Lutz and I are very close. I have different relationships with different people – and it’s really great, I kind of get the best of everything. Rachelle Lefevre and I have this, like, zest for life. She and I can just go and have a glass of wine and unwind, and we work out together and stuff like that so she and I have that kind of relationship – I think we’re both easygoing, fun people.”

Source: Just Jared Jr.


  1. She is so beautiful. I think she just might be my fav of the Twilight ladies (sorry Kristen!).

  2. I'm amazed by how beautiful she is. Whoever she is with is a lucky man. :D