Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Adam Lambert on Eclipse Sountrack?

Oh please God tell me NO! I liked him on American Idol and all, but I just...can't! Sorry, after the AMA's and my daughters scorned eyes that will NEVER be the same, I can't say I'm the same fan I used to be. Sorry ya'll thats just my honest opinion.'s the story!

Adam Lambert's "Time for Miracles" has already been featured on the soundtrack for "2012." But the "American Idol" runner-up is already thinking about having a song accompany another potential blockbuster: "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."

Lambert thinks "Suburban Decay," a track produced by Rob Cavallo that didn't make it onto For Your Entertainment, should find a new home on the June 2010 movie's soundtrack.

"It's a great song and I hope to perform it someday, and I think it will find a home, on a soundtrack or something ... maybe 'Twilight,' " he told MTV News. "It just didn't quite fit [in my album]. It's very theatrical. ... It's very campy, and it was just a bit too campy for the album as a big picture."

Although the vibe was all wrong for his album, it might be perfect to score the intensifying love triangle between Bella, Jacob and Edward. "Hey, 'Eclipse' ... Want my song? It's kind of about vampires," he offered, noting a verse about "bloodlust."



  1. But Eclipse isnt campy...huh?
    I missed the AMA so I dont what happened. I'm not into Idol and have no ideal who this guy is other than a David Bowie wannabe. Sorry there is only ONE David Bowie!

  2. I heard it that Adam Lambert is talk to be one of the singer that will be on the soundtrack. Well if he deserves it then let it go.