Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday Night with 100Monkeys & The Absolute

This blog is a little backwards today. This blogger had a 100Monkey weekend, this adventure was shared with blogging partner Wearingwords (she attended Saturday's show, those pictures will be shared at a later date) and 100Monkey fans from my 24K days. But we're starting with Sunday's show at Hollywood's Roxy Theatre on the Sunset strip!
The Absolute! Wait you're not familiar with the Absolute? How could this be? They're only one of LA best hidden treasures! You want know real rock n roll check out the Absolute on myspace and attend one of their shows I promise you won't regret it.

Wintrop feeling the music....
Full on jam session.....prepare yourself cause its Fuckstastic!

I've been attending 100Monkey shows almost a full year and I have to say Ben Graupner has grown into this amazing musician that makes me want to cry. His voice gets better and better and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this band.

Graupner showing us his drumming skills.....HOT!!

I LOVE this picture of Ben Johnson, sorry the guy is intense and he shows that in his music.

Another intense moment with Johnson while he played guitar.....HOT!
I love when Johnson sings, between him and Graupner I'm a musical mental mess by the time the show ends.
I love Jerad's smile but my camera is super slow and bare got this shot.
Oh did you think I was going to end this blog without a little video from Sunday night's show? Here is Mr. Ben Johnson singing my favorite song '.38 Special'....its orgasmic!


  1. dear. lord.

    i wish i'd been able to go on sunday ;(

  2. Great shots and write Tammy

  3. Thanks Tammy! The red "guitar" that BenJ is playing is actually the bass. :) Your pics are great and thanks for posting a Ben Johnson singing vid.

  4. Guitar? bass? Did you not see how HOT he looked? He could be there with the triangle and I will still look good.
    Glad you enjoyed!