Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spencer Bell Legacy Concert

Don't know who Spencer Bell is? He's an artist, poet, and all around talented guy who suddenly lost his life to Adrenal Cancer in 2006. His whole story can be found here.

Artists Supporting a Cure for Cancer Now (ASCC Now) are holding two concerts in his memory. If you can make it to Dallas, Tx on April 24th, I strongly encourage you to go. I'd be there in a heartbeat if it weren't two weeks before my due date. Six great bands, including 100 Monkeys, will be playing that day. If you're going to the show, you might want to check out some of the cool raffle / auction items for those in attendance (below).

Can't make it to the concert? Here's how you can help:

ASCC Now is holding a raffle and auction. Details about what is up for bid are here.

I encourage you to look over the list of items up for auction. Among the many cool items are a band photo signed by the band and A t-shirt designed by Kelly Rathbone and signed by the band.


  1. Spencer's music is AWESOME! Some of the 100Monkey girls have been tutoring me in his music and let me say....brillant!

  2. Totally brilliant. This man died way too young. So much creativity died with him. Check out his website, T. They've posted some of his songs sung by him. Hauntingly beautiful.

  3. I love Spencer Bell's music and all the bands that are performing at the concerts.
    I wanted to add some information about the auctions. You can bring one friend to share the fun with if you have the winning bid. So it makes sense for you and your friend to pool your resources to have a higher bid.

  4. In additon to the auctions, there are items being raffled and you do NOT need to be present to win. One of the items makes me really wish that I am not one of the organizers of this event.....someone will walk away with a signed 100Monkeys band portrait (note that all the bands will have a portrait including The Stevedores!) If you have heard of or been to a Bowling for Soup show, they donated a signed guitar. Simple Plan has donated autographed photos. How about this gem...a Kelly Rathbone one time only designed shirt signed by band. And be sure to check out the designs done for 100Monkeys by Punk You Chucks, because you can have your own unique Spencer Bell Legacy sneakers designed by them.

  5. I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the auctions. It was a success and raised so much for a good cause. You can now vote on the entries for the Mad Hatter contest, go to