Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Volterra?

I found this interesting update on and wanted to pass it along to our readers.

Filming in Volterra Not Confirmed Yet?
February 26, 2009

A while ago, we reported on a Variety article in which New Moon was seemingly confirmed to be shooting in Volterra, Italy–the place in the New Moon book where the Volturi reside. However, the Tourism Commission of Volterra seems to have heard different news, and just today Luciano from their group shares this with us–

"Municipality of Volterra has written many letters to Summit Entertainment with only one short answer (we read it..and sounds like: "oh, thank you..we are thinking about it…") but has no more been contacted by New Moon production.

I know that wrote "Volterra, two weeks in may". But, the day after, "Eagle Pictures" (Italian distribution) said to italian press that everything was misunderstood by the columnist Nick Vivarelli."

If you visit the website they have set up–they being the group of the Municipality of Volterra, Tourist Office, Bank of Volterra and Fondazione CRV, you can read a heartfelt letter (in Italian) that was sent to Summit, and more news concerning their attempts to have New Moon filmed in their lovely home city.

If you’d like to help them, they’ve set up a petition for you to sign that is fairly easy to understand whether you speak Italian or English if you believe New Moon should be filmed in Volterra. Hhopefully we’ll be hearing more insight into this situation!

What are your thoughts? Will it make it more authentic when watching New Moon KNOWING it was filmed in Volterra, Italy, vs. a soundstage? Let’s just hope that if Summit bypasses filming in Volterra to save a buck that they step it up with a realistic set. I’m not sure I care as long as Rob (er…Edward) is shirtless when Bella reaches him!


  1. to be honest... i don't think it much matters. putting on my business mind- they should cheap wherever it is the cheapest
    putting on my creative mind: they need to use a site with the most realistic feel to match the book/screenplay
    putting on my twi-mind. i honestly don't care. if it's italy, that's all that matters!

  2. They didn't film in Forks, and I think they captured the "feel" of Forks just fine from the Portland area. I would rather they save a couple bucks and use that cash to improve little things like: being able to see the outlines of the contacts being worn...