Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fan report from 100 Monkeys 2-24-09 show

The awesome, Danielle from Jackson Fans on myspace was nice enough to share her experience at the 100 Monkeys show at 24k this past Tuesday night. Here's how it went down!

Alright, so lets see. Hmmm...The band was just great. Jerad was very interactive with the audience. That was really nice. He's been more reserved at the last couple of shows I've been to. Jackson looked smashing as always and was really excited that it was Fat Tuesday. He passed out 3 bead necklaces and I got one of them. =) Ben G, was amazing as always, Wanda from Ben Graupner fans was there and he was really excited to meet her. He kept saying "Hi Wanda" over the microphone. Ben J, and Sean were of course really quiet, but I finally got some great shots of Ben J. Its so difficult to do so since he's in the back. Uncle Larry was awesome as always. He came up to my friends and I and shook our hands after the show. I loved it when they were playing a song and Jackson broke 2 strings on the guitar he was using and kept playing. It was great. I know people that just quit. He knew what to do. He seemed pretty proud of himself. I was really excited when they started play "Orson Brawl" and was going to film it, but Marty (the banana guy) and a group of other people started a mosh pit(again) and pushed me out of the way. So I couldn't film. Everything was fine, except for the wannabe mosh pits. I have bad knees and joints and I was right in the front and every time they would try to start one, I would get pushed into the stage which is even with my knees. A couple of us in front got knocked down onto the stage. I think it happened to me the most. It wasn't very cool. But aside from that, it was great. I love seeing the guys perform. They're amazing. I'm just bummed that I wont be going back up until March 19th for their all ages show at The Mint.

These guys are just amazing. Talented and great to their fans. Thanks for sharing with us, Danielle!!

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