Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sam Bradley rocks out the Hotel Cafe

After nearly five weeks Sam Bradley finished his musical residency at the Hotel Cafe, where he and his band played for a 45 minute set. When this announcement was made people traveled far and wide to come here him play.
I admit I was leery about seeing Sam Bradley with his new band but as usual Sam swept away all fears that may have lingered. Due to me being a complete lazy ass I didn't buy my ticket in a timely manner (ok I was at Kings of Leon on Monday and didnt think I could do back to back shows but then I remembered I'm Tammy! I can do anything!).
Normally getting into a sold out show at Hotel Cafe, isn't so scary but when they tell you @ 5pm you have a slim chance of getting in you FREAK OUT! And trust me when I say I was freakin'! Half way through Guy Sebastion's set they let a few of us in. The pressure was off, I ran to my table bought a beer and waited for Sam.

And thank goodness I went last night because it was hands down his best performance I've seen and others around felt the same way. I was fortunate to meet new fan @purplebrina17 for her first Sam show and she too was blown away.
It took us a while to catch our breath afterwards but energy Sam oozed out on stage seemed to follow me home. I was happy and energized and I didnt want it to end. If you haven't seen Sam yet I promise you he will NOT dissappoint you.

Because I'm the ultimate picture whore I had to get a picture with the band!

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  1. It was awesome to meet you at both Sam and Bobby. I am so in love with them both now. I can't wait to see them again. I will just try to have a a little less Jager and Stoli the 2nd time around. LOL!!!